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Contract Manufacturing

Registration of medical devices on the territory of the Russian Federation
Development of a localization scheme for medical devices in Russia
Contract manufacturing of medical equipment
Registration of medical devices within the framework of the Eurasian Economic Union
Obtaining zero VAT on components
Search for suppliers of Russian components and launching the production of components to order
Changes to registration dossier and registration certificate
Interaction with the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Chamber of Commerce in order to obtain the certificate "Made in Russia"
Service maintenance of manufactured equipment: equipment adjustment, warranty repair

Why prefer us

We have experience in the registration of medical devices of all classes
We provide a full range of services for the circulation of medical devices from registration to production and service
We do not develop and manufacture our own products, we do not compete with our customers
We fully comply with regulatory requirements:
License for the production and maintenance of medical equipment (ФС-99-04-006787), ISO 13485:2016 (№007-2021-0005 TÜV AUSTRIA Standards & Compliance)

About Medica

More than 10 registration certificates for Russian medical devices received
Production facilities and personnel qualifications meet all the requirements, and we can ensure that your tasks are completed in the shortest possible time